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Index du Forum » » Historique & Bibliographie » » I really really love NBA 2K21
AuteurI really really love NBA 2K21

  Posté : 10-08-2020 02:49

So, I grinded and Nba 2k21 Mt went into the NBA career games. I came back into the rec for a rookie 1, such as around a 75 overall. Again. So they would feed me and that I was hitting dudes from the lane, guys with open looks etc. Since my dude STILL was not too good, I had like maybe 2 badges, he still wasn't a good shooter from mid to long selection. They fed me, I kept departure cuz I knew my man probably would overlook even easy shots since it was so difficult to get a green bar for me. I hear one man say"Stop passing 27,and shoot the fuckin chunk" (27s my # 1 ) Next possession they feed me on a mid range open seem just away from the paint and also my dude misses.

This was it. Game over. Do not collect $200, don't pass go. They laughed and didn't give me the ball. I felt horrible. Like for real, my heart is like racing and I am all self conscious and shit, and for what? A game.a fucking VIDEO GAME YALL! I go BACK to my career and grind my dude up into the mid 80's, go BACK to the rec and finally have a somewhat good game with a decent group of guys that weren't overly stressed about me missing several shots. Because I played clever. No turnovers, adequate defense, switch D when picked, good departure but one asshole on that team I had been on STILL was like.

But one of those other dudes was like"why not, he's playing a fantastic game, he's playing with his role, he's where he is supposed to be" And that shut the other dude up.I wanted everyone was like that. So today, my man is eventually a professional 1, overall 90. (The grind is true for me lol, cuz that I REFUSE to spend real money for VC) He is STILL not a fantastic shooter as I made him a facilitating finisher, SG, lock down defense.

I'd rather be the guy playing really great defense, passing well, getting aids, covering my missions, and only shooting in the paint under when I get a fantastic look. I'm not scummy like 90% of those dudes I encounter in rec games. So I have a tough time going in rec games and the thing isI really really love NBA 2K21! So dude, you're awesome to have esteem for the guys, or even the shitty players with no IQ to get NBA 2K21. That's it, that is my quick rant.
I mean that they do this in 2K20 also but there are just two versions for the audience and security guards which never go or flinch they up look like cardboards. They need to upgrade it big time madden 11 needed it perfect tho it was a in NBA 2K21 game shot of the arenas and the need to add stars to court side with these people who play people would be lining up. I never played madden 11 myself but I heard about it, I mean that has been a very long time I was a kid back then. Tbh we could only expect the very best for 2K21 (even tho I'm probably not gonna buy it).

Yeah next gen is gont be glitchy af it's an entirely new system so the first months of 2K21 on ps5 gonna be hell. They are also gonna shit on older gen the version and Buy mt nba 2k21 just focus on ps5.

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