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  Posté : 30-01-2019 02:39

What's the best part of being a child? Was it the absence of obligation or anticipation? The school days spent with friends runescape best way to make money ? The summer holidays that seemed to stretch on for weeks? We've all got our personal reasons to look back and be nostalgic, but lots people share a common one: RuneScape.

If you are in your twenties - or perhaps slightly younger - you'll probably have spent some obscene amount of time around the classic MMORPG. It had been the after-school activity of choice for so many of us when bad weather forced us inside (though that was never the only reason to perform ). But why was it so hot at the time? How did this free internet RPG, developed in Cambridge, catch the attention and the hearts of so many? And where can it be today?

I will be up-front with you: it's difficult for me to write about RuneScape without some amount of prejudice - admittedly based mainly upon my very own rosy-tinted nostalgia for this game. In case it is not completely clear by now: I really like it. I loved it then and I love the memories I have of it now but I am going to do my best to return at it today in the most objective manner I could - for a while, at least.

The very first version of the game - now titled RuneScape Classic and playable - came out in 2001 and was played with a comparative few in contrast to its updated version but it had been'RuneScape 2' - the upgraded version we all know and love - which took the MMORPG world by storm. 'RuneScape 2' (because it wasn't officially branded but became widely called ) was released in March 2004 following a replica of the original version's then-outdated engine. RuneScape's engine may have had several fresh coats of paint, but compared to WoW's was similar to a Spitfire to an F-18. The running joke surrounding RuneScape was regarding how bad it looked - even for the time - and lots of the in-game versions were laughable in contrast to World of Warcraft's full-3D graphics. The point-and-click control system appeared slow and unresponsive compared to WoW's keyboard-controlled movement, and the combat was, to put it bluntly, often boiled down to little more than just clicking on an enemy - as opposed to the smorgasbord of combat abilities and special moves which WoW's system utilised.

RuneScape programmer best place to buy rsgold Jagex has this week announced the launching of this game's very first Elite Dungeon that will supply the ultimate challenge for veteran (and brand new ) players.

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