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I've just had 3 gripes using PSO2

  Posté : 10-08-2020 02:51

I've just had 3 gripes using PSO2 - One - Installation was a PITA and required PSO2 Meseta Tweaker it seems to crash more but there is no 5-10min queue to login. Two - Some Urgent quests slash players who kill everything before you can even get over there and may acquire if you wind up with a few level OP dashboard Boring. I don't do exactly the Harukaton one but at least you still get XP and Loot. Three - I have had a couple of leechers (low level gamers who do nothing but follow you around so that they can get the clear to get a daily assignment ) randomly join my party so that get's annoying after a while.

FFXIV cut-scenes would be the worst on my 3440x1440. Like there parts in which half my screen is gross blurry nasty looking stone textures due to the ultra-wide framing. In spite of re-shade or the Nvidia overlay boosting the post-processing, (that in turn means you have to take a FPS hit). PSO2 looks cleaner mainly because it's a design that is simpler, such as there are lots of areas where its simple textures with easy lines certain things are a small jaggidy polygon wise in places but contemplating my 2080S doesn't even hit half load to maintain PSO2 running super easy 120fps I am more forgiving than I am with XIV.

I dunno when I play XIV I remember that a 2080S ought to be getting me over the FPS with the graphics displayed. Or perhaps its because in PSO2 your not spending 20mins standing waiting on a damn queue timer so you don't have enough time to stare in the crappy textures? PSO2 I've found is just so much faster paced then XIV, just like you simply load up your mission and GO, or perhaps its because you do not get to zoom in a much as you do in XIV. I Heins costume texture and just spent too much time staring.

The first PSO had a number of my video game titles of the day. And I loved songs in PSU. My buddies are actually enjoying PSO 2, but I have to say none of the songs has grabbed me like a number of the tunes from PSO, PSOBB, or PSU. The music is worse for certain. The combat feel less meaningful. Individual enemies matter less, and the scenarios that are harmful are only dangerous since the damage from the enemies is too large to really make sense in contrast to the other enemies that you find across them. The bosses are generally less interesting with a couple exceptions (such as that robot tank manager. That you are quite cool).

There are waaaaay more weapons that you will never get a opportunity to use because you will run into vastly superior weapons in precisely the exact same time or earlier than them(I believe I've only used 4 katanas counting the starting one, and my current one is 13 celebrities ). Raid supervisors are quite cool I guess, and you get more choices as a player in the way you play PSO2. You truly feel like a superhero zooming around instead of a team methodically creating your way through chambers just like you did in PSO. Regardless of less, although there are more of cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta. There are more classes, too, which is neat.

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